Sunday, March 01, 2020

Richard’s February

How did I go during February? Apparently not too well.

1. Painting 28mm FJ. 

No progress.

2. Find a set of WW2 rules that I enjoy playing in 28mm.

Nothing happening here yet.

3. Paint a Landsknecht square for Impetus.

I'm kinda regretting putting this one on the list.

4. Complete a Black Seas fleet box. 

I completed a third brig, a sloop conversion, and a gunboat squadron. That leaves the following still to go:
  • 1 x First Rate. Purchased
  • 1 x Third Rate. Primed and ready to paint.
  • 2 x Frigate. Also primed.
  • 2 x Cutter. No indication that Warlord are going to release any of these, but I may have a plan.
  • 3 x Schooner. On order.
  • 1 x Gunboat Squadron: Primed.
5. Try out Battlegroup: NORTHAG, and write a review. 

Waiting for its release in April.

6. Complete some of the random FOW platoons that I have lying around. 

No progress.

7. Syrians for Team Yankee.

A lot of the interest went out of this one after seeing minor nations struggle at ValleyCon. One of the main reasons for going with Syrians was that they're Warpac-aligned with hunter killer helicopters, so to try and get back into it, this month I completed the Gazelle flight.
8. Put together an event or campaign of some kind. 

Pencilled in to start in March!

February Summary
  • Models Painted: 5
  • Leadpile Size: Reduced!
  • Month Rating: Slow

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