Sunday, May 03, 2020

Richard's April

We spent most of April in national lockdown, but the restrictions have eased slightly in the last week, allowing non-essential businesses to open. I'm continuing to work from home under the new regime, which is being reassessed on 11 May. Much of the month was spent finish off the company's annual Asset Management Plan (if you feel like reading 400 pages on electricity distribution network management practices, you can download your very own copy), so I didn't get as much hobbying done as I would have like to.

1. Painting 28mm FJ. 

No further progress.

2. Find a set of WW2 rules that I enjoy playing in 28mm.

A couple of us are going to give Battlegroup WW2 a go, so that will be first cab off the rank once we're able to get together.

3. Paint a Landsknecht square for Impetus.


4. Complete a Black Seas fleet box. 

I completed my Royal Navy First Rate. This was hard going, and I had to take a break halfway through to work on something else, but I got there in the end. The Black Seas resin/metal models aren't quite as nice as the plastics, and I was particularly concerned about the metal masts. They definitely won't take much punishment, but the rigging seems to stabilise them enough to be okay for use in games.
For my smuggler hunters, that leaves the following still to go:
  • 2 x Cutter.
  • 3 x Schooner.
  • 1 x Gunboat Squadron.
5. Try out Battlegroup: NORTHAG, and write a review. 

I have written some first thoughts in an earlier post. I'm looking forward to the club being able to reopen in order to try it for real.

6. Complete some of the random FOW platoons that I have lying around. 

No progress.

7. Syrians for Team Yankee.

No further progress, but I did paint a pair of Geckos for my Soviets.
8. Put together an event or campaign of some kind. 

On hold.

9. Paint 500 points for 40K. 

A new one! I started painting my Skitarii during April. Only four figures painted so far, but I really enjoyed it. Now that we have moved out of lockdown I've ordered some bits to bring me up to 500pts of Adeptus Mechanicus.
April Summary
  • Models Finished: 7
  • Leadpile Size: Reduced!
  • Month Rating: Quiet.

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