Sunday, August 02, 2020

Richard's July

I don’t know where July went. I didn’t paint anything or play any games, so there’s no point doing the full write up.

I did however do a bit of reading. Late last year I found Shelby Foote’s “The Civil War: A Narrative” trilogy in a local second hand bookshop. I completed the first book at the start of this year before getting distracted by other things, but got back into it during July and am currently half way through book two, bringing me to the end of Gettysburg. Before picking it up I knew nothing of the period, apart from the Union winning in the end, so it’s been quite an adventure. It’s an incredibly well-written series, with the author skilfully weaving the events in the different theatres, and the political backdrop, into a coherent narrative. Recommended.

To get back on track, I've booked in for my first game of 40K at the club on 22 August. I currently have all of 87 points painted and based and need to get to 500pts, so I will have to get cracking to meet the deadline.
  • Models Finished: 0
  • Leadpile Size: Increased
  • Month Rating: Missing in action.

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